Following an invitation from Welsh Labour Member of Parliament for Merthyr Tydfil & Rhymney and Shadow Defence Minister Gerald Jones, on Wednesday 1st of November Lee Rossiter was part of a business group called The Martyrs Business Network that travelled to Westminster to discuss business activities and opportunities in Merthyr Tydfil.

During a full day of events Lee was privileged to be asked to talk to the delegates in the Jubilee room at Westminster. During his session Lee explained how Rossiter’s Financial are doing business in Merthyr by actively linking into the business community network based at Merthyr Town Football Club. Gerald Jones MP and over 20 other national MPs also attended and gave presentations, and gave the group a very warm welcome.

During the day Lee also had the opportunity to meet many other Labour MPs and Shadow Cabinet Ministers, and be given tours around Westminster. Other attendees included John O’Shea, Prinicpal of Merthyr College, Paul Gray, Chief Executive of Tydfil Training, and many other local businesses. The day was a real success, and the group has been invited to attend again in the near future to discuss events and opportunities relevant to businesses based in Merthyr Tydfil and wider South East Wales.

Lee has been involved in the business community in Merthyr for many years, and is also part of the management team of the Martyrs Business Group which is a networking group linked to the Network that meets weekly. The weekly group is similar to the wider network but meets more frequently with the aim of developing close business relationships in a supportive environment for mutual benefit.

The Martyrs Business Network meets every two months with meetings in Merthyr Tydfil Football Club and at various locations in Cardiff. The aim of the Network is to enable businesses based in South East Wales to support each other, share expertise and gain knowledge from the variety of frequent guest speakers.

Anyone who is in business and wishes to know more about this vibrant business network are more than welcome to contact Lee Rossiter to find out more.



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